Protect Your Smile With Preventive Dentistry

You notice your teeth and so do others. It can impact job opportunities, opinions others have of you and negatively affect overall health if neglected. Let’s not forget, it’s a focal point because you use your mouth when speaking and eating. It plays a crucial role in your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings and allows you to nourish your body. The best way to keep it functioning as it should and looking its best is with preventive dentistry in Tigard.

What It Means to Receive Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is a way to block harmful damage to your gums and teeth caused by periodontitis, decay, infections, oral cancer, and other dental issues.

Here are a few different examples of preventive dentistry, including strategies to keep your smile as healthy as possible by the routines you practice at home. We recommend printing out the following checklist and sharing it with everyone in your family.

Preventive Dentistry Checklist:

  • Brush twice a day and floss once per day.
  • Drink fluoridated water to safeguard teeth from decay.
  • Chew sugar-free xylitol gum. After a snack or meal, doing this helps rinse off and cancel out acids released by the bacteria in plaque, which attack the enamel.
  • Cut back your intake of carbonated beverages, fruit juice, and highly acidic foods. If you’re going to, rinse with water immediately after or chew xylitol.
  • See your dentist in Tigard at Total Health Dental for routine cleanings, checkups, and oral cancer checks. We will detect decay in its early stages, which means you’ll avoid more costly and invasive treatments required to take care of the problem.

Together, let’s keep your oral health on track. We’re proud to provide the preventive dental services families are looking for in our community. Call us today and discover why so many of your neighbors have put their trust in us.

Make Preventive Dentistry A Priority Today

  • Keep your smile looking its best
  • Prevent serious smile troubles from arising
  • Avoid pain caused by decay
  • Save money on costly treatments
  • Protect your overall health & wellness.