Dental Bonding Boosts Your Smile Strategy

Are you suffering from cracked, decayed, discolored, or chipped teeth? Several cosmetic and restorative treatments can give your smile a boost, including dental bonding. We’ll tell you how this single-visit procedure has the power to conceal certain flaws you don’t want anyone to see.

Dental Bonding Facts From Your Dentist in Tigard

Dental bonding is a very straightforward cosmetic procedure. No anesthesia is needed, and you don’t have to return for multiple visits. It’s an excellent option for many patients looking to repair a cracked, decayed, or discolored tooth or close minor gaps. It can also lengthen a tooth, which is handy if you have an uneven smile. Bonding can be an excellent alternative to silver fillings, mainly for aesthetic reasons. We can also use it to replace old stained fillings.

How do we decide on whether this treatment is appropriate for you? The answer depends on the size of the tooth that has to be treated and the size. With proper brushing, bonded teeth can look as good as new for years before needing attention.

Some of the Enormous Benefits of Bonding

  1. Most times, this cosmetic enhancement can be done in just one visit.
  2. It’s minimally invasive, meaning no drilling or intrusive work is required.
  3. You’ll only have to spend 30-60 minutes in the dental chair.
  4. The cost is low compared to other cosmetic options.
  5. With your input, we’ll determine which resin shade to select.

Dental bonding offers a very natural look. No one will be able to tell you’ve seen the dentist for it. The only difference may be a bit of extra sparkle! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on dental bonding in Tigard.

Contact Us About Dental Bonding in Tigard

  • Wipes away smile imperfections
  • Often preferred over silver fillings
  • Can be completed in one visit
  • Start each day with renewed self-confidence
  • Lasts years with effective oral hygiene.