Dentures Deliver Fantastic Smiles To Remember

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, then you may be considering getting dentures or dental implants. Well, as a dentist in Tigard, we’re proud to provide both these restorative options. In this article, we go over the different types of dentures available in Tigard and their key benefits.

So, what are they? Dentures are false teeth and gums fabricated to the unique specifications of your smile. They replace teeth that have been lost due to trauma, decay, or health issues.

Complete and Partial Dentures

Also known as full dentures, they are precisely what you’d imagine. They replace an entire mouth of missing teeth. At Total Health Dental, we can fit them for the top or bottom gum line. They stay in place thanks to the power of suction, and in some situations, a bit of support from adhesive. They can be removed whenever you like.

Partial dentures are usually the restorative option of choice when the surrounding natural teeth aren’t strong enough to handle bridges or in instances when more than a couple of teeth are missing. They are fitted to the area of the gumline they will rest on and attach to nearby teeth so that they don’t move. Since they are not permanently affixed, you can also take them off for cleaning and sleeping.

What About Denture Relines?

Occasionally, we will have to perform a reline. Essentially, this adjustment to your dentures has to be made due to changes in the gums and bones.

Ready to find out if dentures are ideal for you? Dr. Johnson and our reliable team are ready to assist you in determining if dentures are the ideal choice for you.

With our compassionate care and expertise, we aim to help you regain your million-dollar smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for dentures in Tigard, and let us guide you towards a confident and beautiful smile once again.

Dial our team in Tigard for Dentures

  • Regain a complete, natural-looking smile
  • Feel good about smiling in public
  • Get a self-esteem boost
  • Eat your favorite foods without struggling
  • Removable for cleaning.