Your Dentist In Tigard Accepts Dental Emergencies – Always Call!

Did you know that 14% of people will experience a dental emergency of some kind during their lifetime? It’s important to have a proper action plan ready when they do happen, so here are some common emergencies and how you can handle them.

Toothache – The pain of a toothache can come in many variations. It can be sudden and piercing, or more of a throb. The cause can be due to decay, a broken tooth, a crack, an infection, a lost restoration, and more. For temporary relief hold a warm cloth against your cheek. If your cheek is swollen, use a cool compress intermittently. But the important thing to do is call us at (503) 433-8256 and make an appointment. Toothaches may subside, but the pain will return. Teeth do not heal on their own and need our help. We’ll relieve the pain and address the issue quickly.

Conveniently serving Tigard since 2008, you can count on the team at Total Health Dental for your dental emergency. Your emergency dentist offers precision diagnosis and effective treatments to restore your smile to perfect health. For all of your dental emergency needs, call our team at (503) 433-8256.

Chipped Or Broken Tooth – If you chip or break a tooth, call us at Total Health Dental immediately. If the chip or break is due to an impact, rinse your mouth as soon as possible to remove any possible debris or dirt. Sports injuries are a major cause of these injuries, so be sure to always wear a mouthguard during any sport where there’s a risk of contact with another player or any surface. We can make a professionally fitted mouthguard for you right here in our office.

Knocked-Out Tooth – Bite on a clean cloth or gauze if you have it. This will help stop any bleeding. For a permanent tooth, gently rinse it holding it by the crown (white enamel part) only, remove the gauze, and place the tooth back in its socket. If that’s not possible, put the tooth in a container and cover it with milk or saline solution. Either way, come to us immediately. If possible, call us at (503) 433-8256 first so that we can be prepared to immediately deliver our compassionate care.

Extruded Tooth– An extruded tooth is a tooth that is partially displaced from its natural position, usually due to an impact and is often sports related. If you have a tooth pushed inward or outward, don’t force the tooth back into position. Call us, your dentist in Tigard, for immediate assistance.

Badly Bitten Lip Or Tongue– If there is bleeding, use a clean cloth or gauze and press down on the cut. If the lip is swollen, use an ice pack to help reduce the swelling. If the bleeding does not stop, you should be seen by an ER doctor who will assess if you require stitches or not.

Something Stuck Between Teeth– First, never poke between your teeth with a pin or similar sharp, pointy object as it can cut your gums, cause infection, or scratch your tooth’s enamel. Always use dental floss to very gently and carefully remove the object. If you can’t remove it, call (503) 433-8256. And here’s a tip: Never ever flush your floss … or you’ll have another type of emergency that only a plumber can fix!

Lost Filling– When a filling is lost, it could result in great nerve sensitivity, sharp edges that could cut your tongue, and a nasty food trap. Safeguard your tooth by putting a bit of orthodontic wax or sugarless chewing gum in the filling’s place to protect the area for a short period of time. Call us, your dentist in Tigard, as soon as possible, so we can fit you in for a repair and get you smiling again!

How can you prepare in advance for when the unexpected happens? 

We all make plans for fun and games … or just our regular day-to-day lives … and never, ever does the plan include having to contend with an injury. This is why we’re here to help you if it happens and to help you be prepared. While we hope you never need to use an emergency dental kit, we’ve put the basics down “on paper” so that you can put a kit together and keep it in handy in your home, your camper, your vehicle, or at the cottage. It’s easy to follow and all the items are readily available at your grocery store or pharmacy. Please feel free to forward the link of this article to friends and family, or even the coach of your kids’ sports teams (although we hope that, if there’s any chance of contact with any sport, everyone will be wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard – they’re available here at our practice). If you need any additional advice, be sure to ask us! That’s what we’re here for.

Dental Emergency Care Kit

  • our emergency phone number – (503) 433-8256
  • saline solution and a small lidded container to transport a knocked-out tooth
  • sterile cotton
  • gauze or cloth
  • orthodontic wax
  • ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen, but not acetylsalicylic acid (also known as ASA or Aspirin®) as it may cause excessive bleeding in a dental emergency.

If you or a loved one has a dental emergency, contact us right away at (503) 433-8256. Our compassionate team at Total Health Dental will ease your pain and provide treatment to quickly get you smiling again!