Zoom Teeth Whitening Tigard

Zoom Teeth Whitening Tigard

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure which usually aims at restoring the patient’s natural whiteness by using several different methods. As a team of professionals at Total Health Dental, we know that there may be many reasons why people might develop different shades of colors on their teeth and the majority of them are related to poor lifestyle choices.

The Zoom teeth whitening in Tigard is one of the most recent cosmetic procedure aiming at correcting these problems fast and effective. But how does the Zoom work, compared to other whitening methods and is this better than the rest?

There are several stages the procedure relies on:

  • Cover the gum and tongue – The soft tissues need to be protected against the standard procedure, leaving only the teeth visible.
  • A gel is placed on your teeth – The gel contains 25% hydrogen peroxide, which is the substance that is responsible for the bleaching effect
  • A UV lamp is used next – The purpose of the UV lamp is to activate the gel and force the active agents to penetrate the enamel, all the way to the dentin. The bleaching will take place both on the tooth’s surface and inside, whitening the dentin as well.
  • Wait for about an hour – That’s the approximate duration of the procedure, and it may vary depending on the patient’s needs.
  • An anti-sensitivity gel is used after the procedure – Patients may experience a slight discomfort shortly after the procedure has completed, which is why a fluoride-based gel is used to reduce the teeth’s sensitivity associated with the whitening procedure.

Zoom teeth whitening is extremely popular with the majority of people nowadays, because it was shown to deliver impressive results.

The aftermath

Naturally, people have generally three main concerns regarding both the Zoom whitening in Tigard, along with any whitening procedure:

  1. How effective is it?
  2. Does it hurt?
  3. How long will the results last?

Concerning the first question, the procedure usually delivers up to 8 improved nuances of white. It depends on each, but, whatever the case may be, the results are visible.

It doesn’t hurt, but it may create a bit of discomfort because the UV lamp produces some heat in the process. And, finally, the results will usually last for several months, probably even more than a year or possibly even longer than that.

It generally depends on some factors like:

  • Whether you smoke or not
  • If you eat and drink dark-pigmented foods
  • If you have poor oral hygiene or you have adopted a regular dental care plan
  • If you have tartar deposits or not and so on

Whatever the situation may be, the Zoom teeth whitening is one of the best choices you get here, at Total Health Dental. We care about people’s health just as much as we care about their self-esteem and happiness. And the only way to help them smile more is giving them a reason to. We have the Zoom whitening in Tigard for that, which we’ve used to make people smile every day for a long time now.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Tigard
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