Zoom Teeth Whitening Tigard

Zoom Teeth Whitening Tigard

Teeth whitening continues to be the #1 cosmetic dental treatment across the country. At Total Health Dental, we use Zoom teeth whitening in Tigard - proven effective, safe, and popular. There are many reasons why people develop stains on their teeth that dull their smile and confidence, including drinking coffee and tea, smoking, sipping red wine... But the good news is that these stains can be eliminated quickly and easily with Zoom teeth whitening in Tigard.

Here's a quick overview of how Zoom teeth whitening in Tigard works. We want you to know that if you have questions, we welcome your calls. We also offer consultations so that you can meet with us face-to-face to discuss your personal smile goals.

There are several stages the procedure relies on:

  • Preparation – The soft tissues in your mouth are isolated so that we can focus 100% on your teeth.
  • Active Ingredient – A gel that contains the active whitening ingredient, is applied to your teeth. 
  • Activation – A UV lamp is directed on your teeth, which triggers the gel into action, bleaching out the stains that have set hold on your tooth surface and in micro surface cracks (which everyone has).
  • Relax – It takes about an hour for Zoom whitening in Tigard to whiten even the most stubborn tooth stains.
  • Wrap-Up – A fluoride-based gel is applied to intercept any sensitivity that may arise. 
  • Smile! This is the fun part ... and when you look in the mirror and exclaim, "WOW!"

For our patients, Zoom teeth whitening in Tigard is extremely popular because they get the impressive results they want. Zoom brightens up to 8 shades and we can adjust this depending on the level of staining your smile has. We take the time before the treatment to ensure that you receive the treatment is right for you. 

Teeth Whitening Longevity

After teeth whitening, most people will not curb what introduced the staining elements in the first place. If you love that cup of Joe in the morning, we know you're not likely going to stop drinking coffee. That's why we offer touch-ups as well. 

At Total Health Dental, we care about your oral and overall health and we care about your self-esteem and happiness. If you are considering Zoom teeth whitening in Tigard, or any general dentist dental care, won't you give us a call? We'd be happy to welcome you to our practice, discuss your smile goals and treatment options, and help you smile bigger and brighter! Call now!

Zoom Teeth Whitening Tigard
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