Zoom Teeth Whitening In Tigard

How Zoom teeth whitening can boost your smile power

– Dr. Rod Johnson

According to The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of people consider a smile to be an important social asset and 74% of people believe that an unattractive smile can inhibit career success. It’s no wonder that teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment.

Before we address the solution to dull yellowing teeth, here is a short list of what can contribute to a smile that has lost its shiny, pearly white appearance.

Tea, coffee, and red wine are the biggest staining culprits because of their color, but did you know that highly acidic beverages can set the stage for staining – even the lightly colored ones? That’s because acidic beverages like soda and sports drinks wear away at your protective layer of enamel so dark-colored foods and drinks can leave their mark.

Berries, sauces, and sweets are teeth strainers due to the rich colors in these foods. Add the acidic nature of tomato-based sauces and these colorful foods can play havoc with your pearly whites. As a rule of thumb, if your dishwater, storage containers, or tongue are stained by foods, your teeth will be too.

Tobacco Use
Whether you smoke it or chew it, tobacco will stain your teeth and age your appearance. Smokers get a double whammy in the teeth staining department too. Changes to gum health because of tobacco use can expose your roots and because your roots do not a protective enamel layer, they stain more easily.

Our enamel wears down over time, exposing the yellowish dentin below. Aggressive brushing can contribute, so if that’s a problem for your teeth, our dental hygienists can help you with your homecare routines to reduce any damage caused by aggressive brushing or flossing.

Tooth darkening can also be a side effect of medications like high blood pressure medication, antidepressants, and some antipsychotics.

Yes, it does sound like just simply living life can stain our teeth. Because we are responsive to your needs, we offer Zoom teeth whitening in our conveniently located Tigard dental office.

How Does It Work?
After a one-on-one consultation to discuss your personal oral health and smile goals, we’ll determine together whether your lifestyle and homecare habits support teeth whitening treatment. While Zoom teeth whitening in Tigard at Total Health Dental is a great solution for most people, it’s not for everyone.

Most people (99%) who experience Zoom teeth whitening have no sensitivity, but if you’re prone to tooth sensitivity in general, whitening may make it more noticeable. We can set you up for a more comfortable appointment by suggesting a special desensitizing toothpaste to use for a couple weeks before your teeth whitening appointment.

One the day of your appointment, get ready to relax. We recommend you have a teeth cleaning first to have the hygienist remove all the surface staining possible. Then we apply a gum preparation, leaving just your teeth exposed. After applying the special Zoom teeth whitening gel, you sit back and relax while the Zoom LED light activates the hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. In less than an hour we can whiten your smile by up to 8 shades!

So, whether you’re looking for a smile boost, or have long-term staining that impacts your confidence, give us a call. Zoom teeth whitening may be your perfect smile solution!