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Portland Dentist

People who take their oral health for granted are those who will end up developing a lot of problems as a result. A proper oral hygiene plan is essential in maintaining your dental health, and that’s not the only aspect to consider. At Total Health Dental, we know that there are more benefits to be harnessed and that the fact that not everybody knows about them is a tragedy in and of itself.

A Portland dentist might prove to be your perfect guide when it comes to finding out the best ways of enhancing your oral hygiene, as well as getting useful information with regards to oral health risks of poor hygiene and the benefits delivered by one that meets the standards. The impact of obvious dental problems on the individual’s overall health status is not to be taken lightly.

A poor oral hygiene routine can lead to:

  • Dental decay – Dental decay represents the advanced stage of cavities, which will destroy the tooth’s enamel, along with its inner layer of dentine, and will affect the sensitive pulp inside, causing infection and killing the tooth. It can be treated with fillings, root canals and, in some cases, it may require extraction, followed by either implants, dentures or a combination of the two, depending on the case.
  • Gingivitis and periodontitis – These conditions are different sides of the same coin: the gum disease. Gum disease will slowly progress due to bacterial overgrowth, affecting the gum and causing bleeding, irritations, infections, tooth loss and so on. The initial stage is known as gingivitis, while the more advanced one is when periodontitis sets in.
  • Severe pain and abscesses – These are the most common cases any Portland dentist has to deal with every day. Toothaches are generally caused by advanced tooth decay, gum disease, cracked or sensitive teeth, abscesses and so on. With regards to abscesses, these are pockets of infection which occur at the base of the teeth, generally because of tooth’s pulp infection. Antibiotics are needed to eliminate the problem.
  • Halitosis and teeth discoloration – Both of these manifestations are usually linked to the formation of dental plaque, which is formed by mineralized bacteria, creating a thick, hard substance at the base of the teeth. This substance will generally cause the awful smell, along with a yellowish coloring of the teeth.
  • Psychological problems – A 2017 study has concluded that people with obvious untreated dental problems, including cavities, teeth misalignment, teeth with chipped or cracked enamel or gum disease, will display lower self-esteem, might develop anxiety, and will generally prove to be more anti-social than those with no or few problems.

Aside from these issues, you should also consider the increased risk of developing heart disease, experiencing a stroke or even contracting oral or throat cancer, to name a few affections. In this context, the intervention of a Portland dentist can make the difference between life and death.

At Total Health Dental, we are determined to help people solve their problems before they can get any worse. In this sense, the may tool to be used is educations. Information is power and, in this context, information is also health.

Portland Dentist
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