Gaining Inspiration from Sports

– Dr. Joel Fast

You could say that sports got started me on my path to becoming a dentist. And 12 years after earning my doctorate from OHSU School of Dentistry, my passions remain sports and dentistry.
I’ve always loved sports and being active, and as a teenager had the opportunity to be mentored by a local baseball coach – a dentist. Through this mentoring, I found my second passion – dentistry. He was so compassionate and a great coach. I was inspired.

Fast forward to today. As a dentist I avoid the pitfalls of sitting at a desk all day, but repetitive activities can leave their mark too. To combat this, I make a point of including activities into my schedule that force me to move in ways I don’t while at the practice. For me it’s easy. I love sports!

Activities I regularly fit into my life…

  • I’m in a Triathlon Club that provides comradery and keeps me motivated. I’ve completed two Ironman Races so far and look forward to the next one!
  • Scuba Diving helps me keep in shape while I explore the wondrous majesty of our underwater world.
  • Backcountry Snowboarding is a great way to stay active in the winter when training for triathlons can be more of a challenge.
  • Century Rides… I’ve been riding the annual Reach The Beach 100-mile century bike ride from Portland to the Pacific for 8 years now!

And not only that … regular exercise can reduce the incidence of gum disease! I call that a win-win. While I don’t suggest you pick up all these activities, why not add just one to your weekly schedule? In addition to getting the motivation and comradery to do more, you’ll be doing something great for your long-term health!