Emergency Dental Tigard

Emergency Dental Tigard

Dental emergencies can be quite scary at times because they are physically and emotionally painful. At Total Health Dental, we know this and are trained to help you alleviate both quickly. 

Emergency dental in Tigard is any situation which requires immediate attention to relieve pain and to save a smile. So whether you've cracked a tooth, have a painful infection, or have a tooth loosened or knocked out from a blow to the mouth, we're on it - 24/7!

Here's a few tips on what to do in case of an emergency... 

1. Toothaches

This is the number-one reason why most people experience a dental emergency. Toothaches can be caused by advanced decay that has reached the root canal that houses the tooth nerve, and when this happens, pain in intense. This is why regular dental checkups are crucial to keeping your teeth healthy. We can intercept decay before it gets to this point.

2. Knocked-Out Teeth 

While we all agree that prevention is the best medicine, accidents do happen. When a tooth is knocked out, how we approach it depends on the age of the patient. For children, using a clean cloth, apply pressure to the gums to help stop any bleeding. Call us so that we can fit your child in for an exam and to give them any further care required. For adults, find the tooth and handle it by the crown (hard enamel) only. Try to place the tooth in its socket. If you can't, put it in a glass of milk. Either way, call us and come to us immediately. 

3. Jaw injuries

Severe trauma in the jaw, usually as a result of an impact, needs urgent attention. Call us an we will get you right in.

Most dental injuries happen when people are playing sports. For any activity that has even the smallest chance of physical impact, you must wear a professionally made mouthguard. We make them right here to help you avoid a dental emergency in Tigard. Protect your smile! Call us today!

Emergency Dental Tigard
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