Emergency Dental Tigard

Emergency Dental Tigard

Emergency dentistry is the section where people end up against their will when they virtually run out of options. Dental emergencies can be quite scary at times because they usually suggest difficult problems, often requiring extensive procedures. At Total Health Dental, the emergency section has seen its fair share of cases, sometimes vastly different from one another.

An emergency dental in Tigard is defined as a case which requires immediate attention, many times as a result of accidents, or only because some dental problems have advanced so much that they can no longer be ignored. The good part is that most cases of dental problems can be easily avoided, including those related to mechanic accidents. The bad part is that few people do everything they can to prevent them.

In many cases, we are talking about patients with minor issues not taking measures to treat them for more extended periods of time. When they aggravate, it may already be too late to save the tooth or reverse the damages being inflicted. In this regard, the most common emergency situations include:

  1. Toothaches

This is the number one reason why most people end up in the dentist’s cabinet without having been planned for it. Toothaches are mostly caused by tooth rot, where cavities manage to break the tooth all the way to the pulp, at which point abscesses and pain will begin to manifest. The kind of throbbing pain that one can only take so much.

  1. Trigeminal neuralgia

Although it is less common than toothaches, trigeminal neuralgia is a severe emergency dental problem due to its intensity and the complications it might imply. Several causes may trigger this condition, one of which being poor oral hygiene, leading to abscesses, pressing onto the trigeminal nerve. When the nerve becomes affected, it may begin to send false signals to the brain, instilling excruciating pain which can be triggered whenever the patient opens his mouth, chews food or touches the cheek or the jaw. In the more severe cases, the patient may have to undergo a surgical procedure.

  1. Teeth being knocked out

It usually happens as a result of tooth rot or gum disease, or due to sports-related accidents, where cracked and broken teeth are not uncommon. There is generally severe bleeding and pain, requiring immediate medical attention.

  1. Jaw injuries

Severe trauma in the jaws, usually as a result of the brutal impact with a solid object, can cause pain, bleeding, jaw displacement or jaw fracture, gum injury and teeth being broken or knocked out. In either case, the patient’s condition will require urgent attention and, most likely, a surgical intervention to contain the damages.

There are numerous cases of emergency dental problems that may have been avoided, provided that people would have taken the necessary precautions. At Total Health Dental in Tigard, we know that that implies keeping your oral health in check by adopting rigorous hygiene habits, as well as visiting your dentist regularly. Adopting precautionary measures when practicing dangerous sports is another must. No risk is worth taking when it could potentially lead to severe dental trauma, which may leave permanent marks.

Emergency Dental Tigard
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