Dentures Tigard

Dentures Tigard

Smiling with a gap? Covering your mouth in social situations? Feeling self-conscious? If you thought you couldn’t afford quality dentures in Tigard, Total Health Dental is the right call for your dental care.

We accept most insurance plans and offer a number of attractive specials. Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss dentures as an option for replacing your missing teeth so you can smile with confidence once again.

1. Advanced tooth decay

When tooth decay proceeds unchecked, it will progress to cause serious damage to teeth and eventually, tooth loss will occur. 

2. Gum disease (periodontitis)

Periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss that affects your ability to eat, to speak, and smile with ease and confidence. 

3. Accidents

Sports accidents are more uncommon than most people think. When adult teeth are lost due to impact, often the knocked-out tooth can be placed back in its spot and with professional care, can become stabilized ... and saved. But sometimes, the tooth is lost permanently.  

For people will missing teeth, no matter the cause, dentures can deliver immense benefits.

  • chew the foods you love the most, including steak and nuts
  • speak clearly without mumbling or a lisp
  • smile confidently – no more avoiding a smile or covering your smile with your hand. 

Dentures in Tigard are a wonderful option for those with missing teeth. At Total Health Dental, we take pride in delivering some of the best services in the business. Our job is to make people smile again, including you. We welcome you to give us a try the next time you need a dental service - cleaning, polishing, repair, or dentures in Tigard. Call today!

Dentures Tigard
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