Dentures Tigard

Dentures Tigard

Most people would consider dentures to be in the same category as coffins – they are meant for old people, there is no reason to talk about them or even consider the option, when you are young, just as you wouldn’t talk about getting a casket anytime soon. However, at Total Health Dental, we know that dentures are often required by younger people as well.

Dentures in Tigard are usually needed for a wide variety of cases, and people of almost all ages are wearing them. You don’t have to be old to get them. As statistics have shown, approximately 33 million US adults are in need of dentures, while 20 million women over the age of 40 already wear them.

But how do you know you might need them and what happens if you avoid getting despite the situation anyway? There are several cases which might suggest you could use a pair of dentures:

  1. Advanced tooth decay

Tooth decay will occur when individuals ignore their oral hygiene, don’t floss regularly and don’t go to the dentist at least twice per year. The acidic environment in the mouth, which is caused by the oral bacteria, will break down our teeth’s enamel and dentine, exposing the pulp inside and leading to infections and pain. When the issue advances long enough, teeth may have to be removed, leaving you with blank spaces, perfect for a good set of top quality dentures.

  1. Severe gum problems

Dentures in Tigard are used as a result of gum problems in approximately 70% of the cases. Periodontitis is extremely dangerous, because it will eventually lead to irreversible tooth loss and, in the more severe cases, you will lose all of them. This will affect your ability to eat, to speak and to enjoy life in general.

  1. Toothaches

Some people may experience significant tooth pain due to advanced decay, periodontitis, infections and so on. The severe toothaches will generally occur when the dental problems have already reached the point of no return when the dentures might make for the most sensible alternative.

  1. Accidents

Sports accidents are more uncommon than most people would want them to be. Most are mild, but now and then people experience more horrific ones, which may leave them crippled or inflict severe damages. Multiple cracked or broken teeth may require dentures to fix the issue, often in combination with dental implants on top of that.

There is no doubt that, although they might come as a final solution, dentures can deliver immense benefits in the long run. It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, dentures are always a valid option when everything else fails. Ideally would be for you to avoid getting into the situation of needing them in the first place, which will require adopting impeccable oral hygiene.

Since most people fail at that, dentures in Tigard will remain on top of the list, and here, at Total Health Dental, we take pride in delivering some of the best services in the business. Our job is to make people smile again, and we are among the best at it.

Dentures Tigard
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