Dentist Tigard

Dentist Tigard

Human beings, along with all other living creatures on Earth, have evolved to avoid pain, suffering, and sickness. The moment we start experiencing them is the moment we will do our best to correct the situation. 

As a dentist in Tigard, we know that many people still think that if it doesn’t hurt, there’s no problem. Dental health may deteriorate unnoticed and by the time you get feel discomfort or pain, disease has taken hold.

1. Bacterial growth

Our mouths always have bacteria. Some bacteria live in harmony with our systems, while others ... not so much. The ones in the mouth are part of the latter, increasing the acid levels every time we eat. Not brushing your teeth allows this bacteria to multiply and cause the acidic level to increase even further causing...

2. Cavities!

Cavities are the number-one dental problem world wide. They form when  oral acid begins breaking down the tooth’s enamel. Left unchecked, the damage seeps further into the tooth, eating it's way through the dentine, and then through to the pulp of the tooth where the nerve is located. That is when pain begins ... and when most patients first realize a problem. That's why regular dental checkups at a Tigard dentist are so important - so we can intercept tooth-threatening cavities and keep you smiling. 

3. Gum disease

When oral bacteria is allowed to proliferate, gum disease is inevitable. Signs of early gum disease, called gingivitis, include bad breath that is not temporary, gums that bleed when you brush and floss, sensitive gums, and red, swollen gums.

4. Periodontitis 

Periodontitis is the more-severe stage of gum disease and can lead to distruction of the underlying tissue that support your teeth. If not intercepted (and sometimes even reversed), tooth loss can occur. Gum disease has also been linked to serious systemic disease including heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and dementia.

Like in anything in life, the more you ignore a problem, the more they will advance and evolve. As a dentist in Tigard, we will always recommend prevention, but we know that even the best of us need help every now and again. So don't be embarassed. Always call us for the dental care you need and deserve. Call today!

Dentist Tigard
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