Dentist Tigard

Dentist Tigard

Human beings, along with all other living creatures on Earth, have evolved to avoid pain, suffering, and sickness. The moment we start experiencing them is the moment we will do our best to correct the situation. In this sense, when signs of illness make themselves noticed, people will immediately go into a frenzy, looking for solutions and remedies. Except when it comes to dental problems. And we, at Total Dental Health, hope to fix that situation.

Every dentist in Tigard knows that most of the cases of dental problems are being fueled by ignorance, as well as the dangerous mentality of “If it doesn’t hurt, there’s no problem”; when that is not entirely true. It is not true in most cases. There are a lot of diseases that will set in and only deliver visible symptoms (pain included) when already reaching advanced stages.

The same goes for dental problems, which may evolve seemingly unnoticed and by the time you get to figure out what’s going on, it may already be too late for a minor intervention. In general, dental problems will advance through several stages:

  1. Bacterial growth

Bacteria will always colonize our mouths, just as it will always colonize our intestines and gut area. There are different types of speaking of, with some living in harmony with our systems, while others function as parasites. The ones in the mouth are part of the latter, increasing the acid level in our oral cavities every time we eat. Not brushing your teeth will allow bacteria to multiply even further and cause the acidic level to expand consistently.

  1. Cavities formation

No dentist in Tigard hasn’t treated cavities. They are the number one dental problem; the easiest to occur, the easiest to treat and the most dangerous in the long run. Cavities occur when the oral acid begins breaking the tooth’s enamel. Left unchecked, the damages will go even further, breaking down dentine in the process and affecting the pulp. That is when pain and infections will occur and when the patient will first realize the problem. At which point the tooth will most likely require extraction.

  1. Gum infections, leading to incipient stages of gum disease

Gum infections are extremely common with people who ignore their oral health. One of the first signs is halitosis and the formation of plaque, along with abscesses and gum retraction, which represent the initial phases of gingivitis.

  1. Periodontitis and other health problems

Periodontitis is the next stage of gingivitis and can and will lead to tooth rot, tooth loss, jawbone thinning and can even increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and dementia.

As it can be seen, the more you ignore the problems, the more they will advance and evolve into more dangerous forms. A good dentist in Tigard will always recommend prevention as being the more effective mechanism, rather than treating. That’s because, as we, at Total Health Dental know, the best way of dealing with a disease is not getting sick in the first place.

Dentist Tigard
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