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Crown & bridge treatment

Even though you diligently brush and floss, you may still lose a tooth, and if this happens, you should replace it … and not just for appearance.

When you lose a tooth to decay, injury, or gum disease, the neighboring teeth all have to work a lot harder to get the job done. If the missing tooth is not replaced, the teeth around the gap will shift and move around. That puts them in danger, and without treatment, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually find more gaps in your smile.

One of the best ways to bring back your smile is crown and bridge treatment. If you have a compromised tooth but there’s still healthy tooth left, you may benefit from a crown. For lost teeth, we build a dental bridge that spans the spaces left by missing teeth and supports replacement teeth. Bridges can be made of gold, porcelain-faced gold, or all porcelain depending on where they’ll be placed. It’s custom designed by a lab technician and we take care to match color and appearance and to restore your bite so neighboring teeth don’t have to work overtime. The end result is a healthy happy smile for many years to come.