Cosmetic Dentistry Tigard

Cosmetic Dentistry Tigard

The majority of the people divide dental services into two major categories: clinical interventions, characterized by a state of necessity, and cosmetic services, which are considered optional, not necessary. And that is not how things are. Cosmetic services are not only meant for aesthetic purposes. At Total Health Dental, we use cosmetic procedures to correct and treat dental problems as well.

Cosmetic dentistry in Tigard is not a modern concept, but the tools and techniques being used today are new. The most commonly used methods include:

  1. Teeth whitening

There are very few people who have white enamel and one that stays as such for longer, without extraordinary efforts from the individuals’ part. For the rest, however, teeth will become yellowish with time, and many things contribute to that effect, including beverages like cola and coffee, poor oral hygiene, leading to bacterial overgrowth and forming plaque, which can cause a yellowish nuance.

  1. Veneers

Veneers may be used for a variety of reasons, including chipped and cracked teeth, as well as gaps between them or cases of damaged enamel. They are generally made from ceramic, designed to withstand higher temperatures and pressures, and they will usually mimic your teeth’s natural color, just several nuances brighter.

  1. Tooth-Colored Bonding

This procedure will usually be used in case of tooth decay or damaged or discolored teeth, and it is quite useful in restoring your tooth’s appearance. The dentist will apply a composite material onto the damaged tooth and uses specific methods to make consolidate it in place and allow it to bond to the surface of the tooth. It is an essential procedure in cosmetic dentistry in Tigard, precisely because it is one of the less expensive alternatives and it delivers quite impressive results.

  1. Implants

Implants are necessary primarily for utility purposes and then for aesthetic ones. Losing a tooth might not impact you as much. Losing multiple teeth surely will. Aside from affecting your digestion, since you won’t be able to chew food properly, it will also affect your speech and the way you look. In case of missing teeth, the cheeks and facial muscles will lack the support they need and will crash inwards, creating an older look and decreasing your self-esteem in the process.

  1. Full mouth reconstruction

In this case, we will be dealing with extensive dental damages, either as a result of advanced teeth decay, final stage periodontitis or drastic accidents, requiring surgical procedures. A full mouth reconstruction, in this context, is paramount for increasing the patient’s life quality, as well as dramatically improving the looks.

Any advanced dental cabinet will consider these methods, among others in the same category because cosmetic dentistry in Tigard keeps advancing and the more effective they become, the more necessary they will be. Everybody will need cosmetic dental services at one point or another, and that is when institutions like Total Health Dental will prove to be among the better options. We focus on quality, proficiency, and passion, three things we always reward our patients’ trust with.

Cosmetic Dentistry Tigard
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