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Bull Mountain Dental

Our dental health is very important to our overall health. It is one aspect of our health that we cannot preserve unless we make constant efforts and visit our dentist regularly. At Total Health Dental, we know that prevention is the key to achieving and keeping a beautiful smile.

Bull Mountain dental professionals explain that to keep your oral health in pristine condition, you must:

  • Floss – Yes. Everyone must floss. Up to 40% of the surface of your teeth cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush. What’s between your teeth and below your gum line are the places that bacteria love to hide and multiply. By flossing once a day, you can both disrupt bacterial growth and remove plaque to decrease the acid levels in your mouth that leads to decay and gum disease.
  • Brushing – Brush at least twice a day. Use a soft toothbrush and gentle circular motions.
  • Choose a healthy diet – The way you eat is one of the key things defining your oral health in the long run. Avoid alcohol, smoking, sodas, and sweets as much possible. Choose mineral- and vitamin-rich fresh foods. Steer clear of processed foods.
  • Regular dentist checkups – Bull Mountain dental prevention includes visiting us at least once every six months. Only a dentist can identify and treat early symptoms of tooth decay and gum disease. Regular screenings are critically important to achieving and maintaining oral heath. 

Healthier, Bigger Smiles

It takes effort for all of us to maintain our oral health. Other than visiting us at Total Health Dental, adopting a proper oral hygiene routine at home will help ensure your smile stays healthy long into the future.

We welcome you to call our practice today to schedule your appointment. Book your loved ones too! 

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